I have a question about the contract!

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Do I have to accept a junior assignment?

No! Per our PWA, the company will assign uncovered flying to the most junior pilot available. You are the determining factor on whether or not you are available. The proper code for a junior assignment refusal is "UFJ." If you recieve or are threatened with a UFW or UOR, let your LEC representative know.

How do I file a grievance?

If you feel that the company has broken the terms of our PWA in any way, use our File a Grievance form to submit a Grievance Investigation Report.

I would like to volunteer with MAG ALPA How can I get started?

We're glad that you want to help out! Check out the committees tab (above) and look through them to see which one would be good fit for you. When you find one (or more!) you want to join, email the committee chairman and they will get you started.

Can you provide additional details on the “at least 12 months of active service flying exclusively for United Express as a pilot with Mesa Airlines”? Do my eight years in ORD and IAD count?

This requirement applies to continuous and uninterrupted United Express flying. If you previously flew in a United Express domicile and then bid out of that base into a non-United Express domicile, your previous time will not count toward the requirements.

I am currently DFW-based flying in the American Eagle system. Am I eligible to enroll in the CPP or do I need to bid into a United Express domicile? Since CRJ-700 pilots based in IAD can fly for both American and United, are IAD CRJ pilots eligible for the United CPP?

Any active pilot is allowed to enroll in the CPP. However, in order to graduate from the program, you will need to bid into a United Express domicile and then fly for 12 consecutive months in that system in order to meet all the requirements for the CPP. If you bid out of a United Express domicile, the clock counting the requirement for 12 months of active flying exclusively for United Express will reset and start over again.

What is the projected timeframe for someone who is eligible and would meet all the requirements for the CPP to be hired by United?

The applicant must pass the Hogan assessment and United Airlines interview, followed by a final Board review. Candidates are usually notified of their interview results.

Is there a formal interview with United Airlines or just a review by a representative at United?

There will be an interview with United Airlines. It will be the same caliber of interview as any pilot and thorough preparation is highly encouraged. However, CPP pilots do not have to complete a Technical Skills Assessment, as United will instead review your Mesa records.

Do we know how many pilots will graduate from the program per month?

United is committed to hiring qualified Mesa pilots via the CPP to each new hire class. Mesa CPP pilots will also be invited to start the selection process this fall with some hiring placements yet in 2018.